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          We are always welcoming new, skilled and competent handymen to join our team.  

          We also have an opening for a cabinet maker.  We are looking for someone who loves to design and build custom cabinets.

           Benefits include being part of a team who takes pride in routinely producing quality services and products to our clients to the aim of creating long-term relationships with them, the stability of knowing you'll be in high demand and the potential of bonuses as a reward for the excellent products you produce.

           If these qualities interest you, please fill out the below information and e-mail your resume' to: or fax it to: 678-455-6014.

           Please note that basic requirements for the handyman position includes having your own vehicle and tools.   We also realize that while a handyman is required to be skilled in just about everything, each individual has their own areas of strengths i.e., plumbing or drywall or appliance installation and trim carpentry.  So please be assured that we will definitely strive to set you up with jobs that align to your strengths.

           Handy Hero is proudly a drug-free company.
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Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to speaking with you.
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